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February 9, 2016

Best Place to Learn

Murrelektronik has received the "Best Place to Learn" award. This certifies that the Oppenweiler company offers high-quality training programs for students. In order to receive this certification, trainers and current, as well as former, participants were included in the evaluation.

Murrelektronik is the first company in the Rems-Murr district to be granted this award. The award is presented by the training specialists from Aubi-Plus, a student recruiter, and KIBO Kommunikation, a personnel marketing agency.

The training programs at Murrelektronik were evaluated and analyzed during the certification process. 54 criteria, ranging from the training concepts and supervision, occupational learning and the trainer‘s qualifications were evaluated. First, the existing programs were looked at and then specific ideas and suggestions for improvement were developed. The welcoming atmosphere, the trainer’s qualifications and the fact that 100% of the apprentices are given a contract after they complete their training gave Murrelektronik high marks during the review process.

Three additional training programs will begin in Autumn 2015

Markus Schyboll, Murrelektronik's general manager, was very pleased about the award. "From my personal experience I know that a training program is the best way to start a career. There is no better way to get to know a company." He is convinced that training programs like these will become even more important in the future. This is why Murrelektronik continues to offer these programs. Encouraged by the award, the decision was made to add three more technical students to the program beginning in Autumn 2015.

Dagmar Differenz, Murrelektronik's training supervisor, says, "One in eight employees started with Murrelektronik as an apprentice. This shows the emphasis we put on training. The award shows that we are doing all of the right things when it comes to these types of programs". She expects the award will attract more young talent to the company’s programs.

Apprentices get to know different departments in Germany and abroad

Stefan Krämer, general manager for training, considers the award an important signal to graduates and their parents, "It shows clearly that young professionals are in good hands at Murrelektronik". For him it is important that apprentices get to know many departments at Murrelektronik including those in branch offices. Therefore, time abroad is integrated in the training schedule. Stefanie Koscheike, who finished training to be industrial clerk last year and is now working in accounting at Murrelektronik, appreciates this very much. "It gave me a comprehensive view of the different ways I could grow my career at Murrelektronik. It also gave me the knowledge needed to make the right decision when it came time to choose my current position".

Murrelektronik is continuously training more than 30 apprentices. As future industrial clerks, electronics engineers, logistics specialists, graphic/web designers, engineering and business administration students at the Duale Hochschule, they are taking the first steps towards their careers.

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