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Machine tools

Confidence in the right installation concepts

Machine tool manufacturing is a wide-ranging industry. The needs and wishes of customers for decentralized installations are as diverse as the machines and plants  themselves. Of course, there is also a common theme: Cost-effectiveness, low overall costs, and increased competitiveness are always required. Top installation concepts should link all I/O points to the controller in an economical way. Murrelektronik offers the necessary experience to take on this challange. Customers can select from a variety of passive and active installation concepts and different structures (ring structures, linear structures, star topologies) – many different combinations are possible.

Metal Cutting Machine in the Machine Tools Industry

Metal cutting machine tools

Murrelektronik modules for use in metal cutting machine tools

In metal cutting machine tools, workpieces are machined under the intensive influence of coolants and lubricants. The material feed, the direct processing area, and the removal of chips form a closed system. Recommended Murrelektronik products for machine tools are, e.g., MVK Metal, MVK Metal Safety, Impact67, Cube67, and passive distribution boxes – which are used by many leading machine tool manufacturers. Murrelektronik modules for use in metal cutting machine tools are fully encapsulated and sealed. They are resistant to coolants and lubricants and are robust against vibration and shock. The modules make it possible to “change the controller not the system ”– a definite unique selling point of the Cube67 system.

Assembly and handling equipment

Murrelektronik recommends installation concepts with following products

In machines and plants for assembling and handling fully processed individual components, Murrelektronik recommends installation concepts with products such as Cube67, AS-Interface modules, Impact67, or passive distribution boxes. These concepts enable decentralized solutions and create space in the control cabinet. They are dust-proof in compliance with the IP6X protection rating. They allow cost-effective installation concepts even in systems that are distributed over a large area.

Assembly and handling equipment in the Machine Tools Industry
Injection molding machine in the Machine Tools Industry

Injection molding machines

Automation components with a metal housing are essential

If parts have to be produced with liquid metal or plastic, automation components with a metal housing are essential. For this reason, the MVK Metal field bus module is recommended for installations in the injection molding sector. Solutions with Cube67 or passive distribution boxes are very attractive for handling or feeding applications. The advantages of this solution are that all functions are located in the metal housing and the housing is robust against all forms of external influences. All field bus solutions have optimum diagnostic options and provide a high degree of flexibility.

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Thanks to “Machine Option Management” (MOM), tool changes can be done quickly. This minimizes downtime and increases production. The compact design of the shock and vibration resistant Cube modules together with their torsion-resistant system cable makes them a perfect choice for robotics applications.

Protection for Man and Machine

With MVK Metal Safety, Murrelektronik offers a high-end safety solution. This module generates safe inputs and outputs in combination with a safe control (F-PLC or CNC). Add a MIRO SAFE+ safety relay and you are able to design a variety of safety applications including e-stops and guard doors.

Diagnostics Made Easy

Murrelektronik’s Cube67 fieldbus system offers extensive diagnostic options. The diagnostic gateway allows Plug & Play access to this data via an Ethernet interface. This solution is easy to implement, provides clear instructions in case of failure and allows maximum machine availability.

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