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Vision Installation Solutions from Murrelektronik

Plug and Play for industrial image processing

Vision Installation Solutions from Murrelektronik

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The Power of Vision

Industrial image processing is a real efficiency booster for many industries. Cameras replace a large number of sensors and are the basis for maximum automation of numerous processes. Barcode reading, dimensional inspection, quality control, parts tracking and identification, and production line monitoring are just a few of the applications. Automation and optimization equal greater efficiency, higher throughput, increased quality, fewer reworks and, last but not least, improved customer satisfaction.

Plug and Play

Murrelektronik has developed efficient and economical system solutions for integrating industrial image processing systems.

The advantages include minimal installation effort as a result of decentralized, pluggable modules that can be mounted directly on the machine.

This achieves the goal of maximum performance with minimum wiring effort. The compact, powerful module is located right where it is needed. All in all, this saves installation time and reduces installation efforts while offering maximum availability enhanced by LED diagnostics each module. As a result, control cabinet components for connecting camera systems are replaced by a decentralized installation system.

Why Murrelektronik?

  • No time-consuming control cabinet installation
  • Data processing on site, at the machine
  • LED diagnostics
  • Gbit speed X-coded cables equal high-resolution image processing
  • Up to 2.5 Gbit/s Network communication
  • Works with a range of cameras
  • Up to four cameras per power supply thanks to the switch.
  • Daisy-chainable modules allow for a large number of read points, cameras and applications
  • Pre-assembled shielded cables reduce installation effort
  • Modules and cables can be swapped or modified as new machine configurations come online
Portrait Simon Schlichenmaier

Murrelektronik has efficient and economical installation solutions for vision systems. This enables efficient and economical entry into this high-performance technology. And by the way, our vision installation solutions also slim down control cabinets.

Simon Knapp, Market Development Vision Systems

Maximum performance, minimum installation effort

With Murrelektronik's Vision Installation Solutions, companies can get started with industrial image processing and immediately benefit from the advantages with little effort, guaranteeing a quick return on investment.

Sample topology for a vision installation

Vision Installation Solutions: Our Products

Murrelektronik's Xelity Hybrid Switch

Xelity Hybrid Switch

Murrelektronik’s Xelity Hybrid Switch ensures that data communication happens smoothly and flawlessly at the point of action. With the help of this switch, you can connect, and supply power to, up to four cameras via Ethernet.

  • Four X-coded M12 ports with speeds up to 1 Gbit/s for connecting the cameras
  • Two X-coded M12 ports with speeds up to 2.5 Gbit/s in backbone communication
  • L-coded M12 cables provide up to 16A of power
  • IP65/IP67 Rated, Vibration and shock resistant
  • Four A-coded M12 ports for connecting the power supply and trigger/encoder signals for the cameras
  • NEC Class 2 power supply for cameras
  • The integrated web server makes configuration fast and easy

Murrelektronik's Master Breakout Box

Master Breakout Box

The single common component of every system is Murrelektronik‘s Master Breakout Box. It collects and distributes a variety of signals across a system. Combining important functions in this module has several advantages: simplified cabling, fast installation, LED diagnostics and space reduction.

  • Combining the power and trigger/encoder signals onto one cable for the camera
  • Send trigger/encoder signals to a signal injector for injection into power daisy-chains
  • Port level LED diagnostics

Murrelektronik‘s Injection Box

Injection Box

Murrelektronik‘s Injection Box is the starting point of every power daisy-chain in a vision system. The trigger and encoder signals, from the Master Breakout Box, are injected into the power daisy-chains at this module. Up to four 24 V supplies can power the Injection Box and each line will be sent out in a power daisy-chain that carries the trigger and encoder signals along with it.

  • Four separate voltage sources are applied with the trigger/encoder signal to an L-coded cable for power and signal distribution in the field or plant
  • Port level LED diagnostics

Murrelektronik's NEC Class 2 Splitter

NEC Class 2 Splitter

Do you need a little more? More voltage? More components? For applications that need more access to power, Murrelektronik offers the NEC Class 2 Splitter. Most often used for powering external lights, this module has four A-coded M12 ports, which each have NEC Class 2 circuits. The NEC Class 2 splitter is protected by an IP67 rated housing and it is supplied by a familiar L-coded power daisy-chain so it can installed in the same areas as a Xelity Hybrid Switch. From the L-coded supply, the trigger and encoder signals are removed before flowing out of the A-coded ports as 24 V and common.

  • NEC Class 2 fused voltage outputs
  • Industry standard with Power In and daisy-chain enabled L-coded port for up
    to 16A supply to external lighting devices in the field

Emparro67 switch-mode power supply in an application

Decentralized Power – Emparro67

The Emparro67 switch-mode power supply from Murrelektronik puts power where it is needed. This robust power supply delivers the required voltage directly to locations in the field.

  • IP67 Rated
  • 94.2% Efficiency rating
  • Maximum ambient temperature of up to 85°C
  • Fully potted metal housing
  • Active PFC
  • Integrated input fuses
  • MTBF up to 960,000 h
  • Range of models with your choice of a 7/8" or L-coded M12 Power-In connector

Connection Technology from Murrelektronik

Everything from a single source: connection technology from Murrelektronik

If you want to transmit data, signals or power, we have the right solution for you. Murrelektronik's connector program offers maximum variety and high quality: Every single connector is 100% tested!


We offer pre-assembled M8 and M12 connectors in a wide range of lengths and we also offer molded valve plugs with your choice of connection style. Our M8s, M12s can also be ordered with LEDs and shielding. Practical accessories, including adapters, T-couplers and our torque wrench (for guaranteed tight connections) are important additions.


Murrelektronik offers you a wide range of  M8, M12 and RJ45 options for fieldbus installations. The 360° fully shielded cables keep data transmission from being distorted by electromagnetic influences.


Murrelektronik's power connectors bring energy to machines and systems. Choose between the compact and powerful M12 Power, the tool free MQ15-X-Power for fast installations or the established standard solution for connecting servo motors, the M23.

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