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Murrelektronik stands for quality – worldwide

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Quality Guaranteed

The same high-quality production lines and processes are found in each of our production facilities worldwide. As a result, you get the exacting standard of a Murrelektronik product no matter where you buy it. Our global supply chain management system ensures availability across our production and logistics facilities – over 32,000 m² of space worldwide – so that you can have the part you need, when you need it.

Production and Logistics

We pride ourselves on our quick delivery times to our customers. To make this happen, we rely on a global production network with five locations in key parts of the globe. Local production ensures products are available when you need them. Learn more about each facility’s areas of expertise by clicking on a location below.

Competence center for field bus systems: Oppenweiler, Germany

At our Oppenweiler production facility – adjacent to Development - is our advanced production line for field bus systems. The production processes are every bit as modern as the finished products - Industry 4.0, product and process traceability and production based on human-machine cooperation cover the entire spectrum of modern automation in this area.

Core Products: Field bus modules for the IP20 and IP67 area

Fieldbus Production Tour

ISO 9001 certificate

Competence center for connectors: Stollberg, Germany

In the Murrelektronik factory in the Erz Mountains everything revolves around cables and connectors. More than 30,000 different versions are developed and produced here – in the shortest space of time: sporting the abbreviation MEX (Murrelektronik Express) products are manufactured in shortened passes with top priority and are directly tailored to the customer's needs.

Core Products: M8/M12 Device Cables, M12 Power Cables, M23 Drive Cables, Valve Plugs

Connector Production Tour

ISO 9001 certificate

Competence center for power supplies: Stod, Czech Republic

The Czech factory is the largest of the Murrelektronik facilities in terms of surface area. Most products in the power supply and distribution area are produced here. Besides advanced production, our development and design center for transformers is also sited here.

Core Products: Transformers, power supply units, MICO, interface technology, interference suppression technology, connectors

Transformer Production Tour

ISO 9001 certificate

Competence center Asia: Shanghai, China

A factory was opened in Shanghai in order to speed up delivery times for our Asian customers. It is also a competence center for transformers for the Asian market. The products developed and produced here are used to quickly satisfy demand on the local market.

Core Products: Transformers, Power Supplies, M8/M12 Device Cables and Valve Plugs

Competence center for USA connectors: Atlanta, USA

In our Atlanta factory in Georgia more than 10,000 different connector versions are produced for the market in the United States of America, Canada and Mexico. Market-specific connector versions are not only produced here, but developed as well. Local demand can thus be satisfied with short delivery times and attention focused on market-specific requirements.

Core Products: M8/M12 Device Cables, TPE Cordsets

Logistics center, Oppenweiler

We aim to ensure swift product delivery to our customers around the globe. To do so, we rely on a global logistics network with sites in America, Europe and Asia. Global supply chain management ensures well-oiled processes at our logistics sites worldwide, permitting short distances and fast delivery times.

The largest logistics center is sited at the Murrelektronik headquarters in Oppenweiler, Germany. The fully automated warehouse system holds more than 45,000 container slots and a permanent stock of over 1,000,000 articles from our power supply, interface, IO systems and connection technology sectors. From this base, shortest delivery times can be guaranteed for our customers worldwide.

Test Center

Murrelektronik has its own test center with EMC laboratory, which is involved in the development of new products at a very early stage. We can thus guarantee first-rate development and production quality:

  • consistently tested and accredited products
  • no use of health-endangering materials
  • compliance with environmentally friendly production requirements (REACH, RoHS, China-RoHS, Conflict Minerals…)
Thanks to extensive certification our products can be implemented worldwide.

Aside from its function as key service provider for Murrelektronik, the test center also offers its services to other companies.

The EMC unit (electromagnetic testing) is accredited for this purpose by DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH). However, other product tests can also be carried out relating to electrical safety, type, material, tightness tests, media resistance or climate tests accompanied by professional, personal advice at a very early project stage. This reduces follow-up costs for construction and redesign and gets products to the market faster.

Logistics center
Test center

Our Promise

We strive to have a “zero error” facility. We continuously invest in machinery, plant and quality controls to constantly improve on technical processes.

Our high-quality products are the result of supplier involvement, time tested processes and continuous improvement measures.

All of our facilities are DIN ISO certified and audited regularly.

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